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Benefits and Applications of Granite Pavers

Although granite is perhaps most widely known for its use in countertops these days, it is also popular as paving material. Paving stones are recommended for their reputation as being virtually indestructible. PaverSearch explains that “granite is resistant to the long-term effects of weathering and aging, and can withstand cold environments. There are natural deposits of granite located throughout the world, with granite quarries in production among the major continents. It is in plentiful supply and will be available well into the future.”


Granite has been used historically in buildings, monuments, burial sites, and paving stones. As a paving material, its use is widespread – largely because of its availability, durability, and beauty. It is used in both residential and commercial paving projects such as entry courts, patios, pathways, and driveways.


Granite pavers can be purchased with polished or natural finishes. For projects in which a more formal look is desired, polished granite pavers are a good choice, either in the same color or laid in patterns utilizing different colors. Granite naturally occurs in many different colors, with the most common colors being less expensive than the more rare ones.

In projects in which a more natural look is desired, pavers with natural finishes work beautifully. For example, natural-finish granite can be used with great success in landscapes, gardens, and parks. Natural-finish granite pavers are non-slip, which also makes them a good choice for outdoor areas such as pool surroundings, areas around fountains, and patios.

Other Useful Information

As with many other natural stone types, granite is heat resistant and can withstand high temperatures from sunlight and fire. This quality makes granite a safe, as well as beautiful choice for fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor cooking areas, and any paved surface that is subject to long hours of intense sunlight.

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