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Applications and Benefits of Grass Turf Pavers

Turf paving is garnering more and more interest as homeowners and builders of all kinds of properties are looking for options that enhance and protect natural resources. “Grass turf pavers” is a term that encompasses a growing variety of products designed to cover areas with a combination of load-bearing material and open sections where grass (or other turf-like vegetation) is cultivated. This combination of load-bearing and living material allows for water infiltration and more effective management of water runoff or flooding. It is also aesthetically pleasing and adds a distinctively green element to outdoor areas.


Grass turf paving solutions can be applied to both commercial and residential settings. Residential applications include parking areas, driveways, walkways, and paths. A list of more applications, both residential and commercial can be found at PaverSearch.


The primary benefit of grass turf paving is the permeability of this combination of solid and natural components. It provides a solution for areas with high precipitation where seasonal runoff needs to be managed effectively. Interlocking systems can be purchased and planted with “park grade” turf grasses, which are more drought tolerant than “elite grade” grasses to maintain a lush, green overall surface even in dry weather. A well-researched report on the use and benefits of grass turf pavers is available here: Turf Paver.

Other Useful Information

Grid systems for paving with grass turf can be laid of individual bricks or purchased in forms manufactured specifically for this purpose. Depending on the intended use of the paved area, there will be more or less flexibility in terms of the ratio of load-bearing material to turf surface. Safety is an important consideration in deciding whether grass turf paving is an appropriate choice, because due to the uneven surface quality, this paving option is not suitable for some uses.

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