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The Long Lasting Beauty of Limestone Pavers

Limestone is a heavy, durable stone that has been used in the building industry for hundreds of years. It is a common stone, quarried in many locations. Many historical sites feature limestone in interesting and beautiful ways, and the longevity of the stone is obvious, considering the age of various applications. One example of limestone pavers used in early-17th century England can be seen at Select Stone.


Limestone is common in architectural and landscaping applications. Buildings, roads, patios, and courtyards are some of the destinations for this dense, durable stone. It is also used for smaller applications such as table and counter tops, mantels, and fireplace stones. Limestone paving stones are used as flooring material in both residential and commercial projects.


As with all natural stone, the beauty of limestone might be considered its primary benefit. The earthy and natural colors and shades available provide many options for enhancing both interior and exterior spaces. Limestone is a heavy, substantive material that gives any flooring project solidity, quality, and long-lasting durability. It can be cut to size for custom applications, and is also available in standard sizes for ready use.

Other Useful Information

Due to its weight, limestone is more expensive than many other types of paving material – largely because of the higher cost of shipping the stone from the quarry to its various destinations for application. In spite of price considerations, limestone is widely available and a popular choice among architects, contractors, and landscapers. Although the following link to information is not about limestone paving stones, per se, it is excellent for educational purposes and gives a hint of the importance of limestone in the paving industry: Limestone. In this extensive article about limestone, this observation stands out: “Limestone is the primary source of lime for cements. Cement is considered one of the most important construction materials ever invented by man.”



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