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Paving Stone Patterns

The consumer who is seeking to pave a specific area of his home will select not only the type of paver itself, but also the pattern in which the paver will be laid. There are many pattern selections to choose from and certainly, the material of the specific paver product will help to find optimal patterns by virtue of its best applications. For example, brick pavers, as such offer more variations in pattern than, say, an interlocking paver, because the interlocking paver was manufactured to fit together in a certain way.

Basic Paver PatternsFirst, it is a good idea to learn that pavers laid at a 45 degree angle will make the paved area seem smaller because of the business of the pattern. It is also the case that a 90 degree pattern will make the area appear bigger.

There are three basic patterns for laying brick pavers: 1. Running Board (or Stretcher Bond) and 2. Basket Weave are the most common. Note too the patterns created by laying bricks in the herringbone pattern, but at different angles. The 3. Herringbone pattern is ideally suited for driveways because it can accommodate heavy loads.

paver patterns

Other types of paving patterns are applied with irregular shaped clay pavers such as wedge shaped pavers, which are utilized for circular, curved and fanned paving patterns.

The Basket Weave pattern draws from old English landscaping design and is best suited to antiqued style clay pavers. The 45 degree herringbone pattern is often used in outdoor entertaining areas, such as patios and covered awnings.

The side-by-side style of Running Board (also known as Stretcher Bond) is the plainest of all paving patterns, but it creates illusions depending on the direction in which it is laid. This design requires less cutting, and therefore, is much less costly.

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