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Tin Ceilings Make the Strongest Statement

Tin ceilings are one way to add a decorative touch to a ceiling without exhausting hours of labor trying to paint or texture a creative design. There are plain wallpapers you can use to imitate the effect, but the appearance is not near as beautiful.

You can purchase the tin panels in multiple designs and styles. They come in either square or rectangle tiles that can be screwed, stapled, or glued into place.

  • Snap lock panels can be screwed directly into drywall with drywall screws.
  • The nail-up variety requires a wood backing.
  • Drop-in is more complicated and used more in commercial applications.

The possible patterns are endless, allowing you to add only a basic design to your ceiling or an elegant, eye-catching wonder.

Ceiling tin comes in white, silver, copper, burgundy, green, mocha, gold or other decorative color. The panels come with accompanying trims and moldings for a quality, pulled-together appearance. These trims and fillers can be placed in-between the tiles to add definition and design.

Ceiling tin definitely adds a striking touch to your room, but you should be prepared to pay for it. For an 8’x10’ room, materials alone will cost about $850. This is simply an estimate, and will vary greatly based upon which type of tin you select.

When finishing ceilings, you have the option of adding texture, wallpaper, or a decorative feature like tin. By far, you will make the largest statement with the tin, and there is comparison for the beauty. If cost is a factor, you can limit its use to key rooms, using it only as an accent. Discuss your options in greater detail with a skilled remodeling contractor in your area today.

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