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If you didn’t get around to waterproofing your home this winter, there is a good chance you are now scrambling for a solution to that leaky roof. Don’t worry, there are a number of solutions to make your roof more waterproof.

The initial installation of a roof is important for creating a sealed and waterproofed surface. The roofing material itself will provide a certain amount of protection, but beneath the shingles you should at least have a basic tarpaper. It doesn’t hurt to inspect your roof occasionally for any missing or broken shingles, torn flashing, or clogged gutters.

Protective Products

There are a number of waterproofing products you can utilize as well. Henry is a well-recognized brand for producing roofing repair and maintenance products. It offers a number of waterproof coatings you can apply both under and over your roofing materials. USA Topcoat offers a vinyl protection system that will seal your roofing material. It comes in many colors and can be applied directly over your shingles just like paint. There are also waterproof roofing membranes that you can roll-out beneath the shingles. This creates another moisture barrier.

Installation Considerations

If winter has already settled in to stay, you may have difficulty finding a warm dry spell to repair or replace your roof. Good weather is imperative for the success of your repair. Many of these coatings require warmer temperatures to achieve the appropriate seal. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations before beginning.

A roofing contractor in your area will be more familiar with what products work well for your climate. A home in Florida will require a stronger product than Southern California. Request free estimates from prescreened roofing contractors in your area to help you stay warm and dry this winter.

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