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Sunroom Flooring

There are a number of flooring options for use in sunrooms. This is an important consideration since many sunroom kits don’t include flooring. Usually, the sunroom kit companies claim that the variety of mounting surfaces is just too numerous to include flooring. So, the decision is left up to you and your contractor as to what flooring you should use.

There are a number of important issues to address: Sunroom flooring should withstand many hours of direct or indirect sunlight, extremes in temperature, and potential moisture. Usually sunroom flooring is installed after the sunroom is built. Often, the flooring will cover old concrete slabs or preexisting decks.

And naturally, the choices that are available will enhance your sunroom’s aesthetics and should serve your needs through all four seasons, even if your sunroom is designed for used during only two or three seasons of the year.

When mounting flooring to a deck, plywood is usually used to cover the top-side and exposed gaps and insulation for this type of flooring is not usually required.

One reason not to install certain types of carpet might be the potential for dirt being tracked inside. Indoor/Outdoor carpet is a popular choice for sunroom applications because it has all the important features you are looking for, is easy to find and moderately priced. It easily installs on existing enclosed decks and concrete slabs and it holds up well in all types of environments. Also, it is designed to withstand the effects of sunlight on the flooring.

Tile or wood can also be used quite readily. Note that dark colored tiles will absorb heat during sunny days and will give it off later on in the day, and wood floors must be chosen that are suitable to the area. Bamboo is particularly popular nowadays. Laminates (tile or wood) are increasing popular for sunrooms because of their favorable price, ease of maintenance and durability.

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