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Vinyl, the Most Popular Sunroom Material

Vinyl (PVC) sunrooms are the best selling type of sunrooms. Vinyl is very sturdy, high insulating, and nearly maintenance free. And that is just the beginning of vinyl’s benefits. It also has an incredible amount of versatility because it can be extruded in so many designs, shapes, and styles, and the sizes are available. Vinyl is also the most cost effective choice when compared to its wood and aluminum rivals.

Vinyl sunrooms are the most popular style of “kit” sunrooms; the DIY version. These rooms are typically three season sunrooms because taking care to weatherize a sunroom adds complexities best left to a professional builder. While the vinyl may be energy efficient, the energy efficiency of the room itself is more dependent upon the type of window glass.

If there is one criticism of vinyl sunrooms, it revolves around traditional designs. Many builders and homeowners posit that vinyl just cannot achieve the genuine quality of wood. Still, vinyl’s durability, versatility, low cost, and energy efficiency are difficult to argue against—reason number one that it remains the most popular of sunroom materials.

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