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Wood Sunrooms, the Traditional Choice

Wood is the traditional choice in sunroom materials. There is no getting ‘round its custom potential and authenticity. Wood is naturally energy efficient and diverse; thousands of years of carpentry have proven that any design can be achieved via woodworking, including your most inventive sunroom creations.

Wood, however, does require maintenance (using paints or stains) and is more expensive than vinyl or aluminum. Yet hardwood offers a simultaneously traditional and exquisite look that many homeowners cannot do without.

Benefits of wood as a sunroom material include:

  1. Energy efficiency
  2. Natural, traditional appeal of wood beams, supports, and roof is unequaled by other materials
  3. Increases the value of the home considerably - in some cases achieving a 100% return on investment
  4. Easily finished for weatherproofing
  5. Can handle temperature fluctuations
  6. Less prone to condensation than vinyl and aluminum

Wood is an excellent material for four season sunrooms because of its innate thermal properties. Although more expensive to build, wood sunrooms allow seemingly infinite freedom of design. Common hardwoods used include oak, pine, hickory, cedar, maple, and more.

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