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Sunroom Porches

When you have an existing porch with a good ceiling and roof, this might offer you the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful new sunroom. In fact, many people are choosing to convert unused old porches into the perfect sunroom home office. But if you’re thinking about converting an enclosed porch into a home office, it’s crucial to plan the space carefully, while focusing closely on such important factors as electrical power, temperature, insulation, ventilation, and lighting.

In order to achieve the four season sunroom that will function properly as an office no matter the weather, you will need a fully insulated ceiling, insulated walls, and insulated glass windows. Your existing electrical, heating and cooling systems can be extended from your home into the sunroom, and additional temperature control can be added with fans, air conditioning or a baseboard heater. These features create a space that is comfortable on the hottest summer or coldest winter day.

If you plan to utilize your sunroom as extra living space during only three seasons, a three-seasoned sunroom is typically not equipped with a fully insulated ceiling, walls and glass windows. A room like this usually offers enjoyment and comfort during the warmer months, and in some parts of the country, a full three seasons.

Your porch conversion can be as simple or as innovative and feature filled as you wish. You may want French doors, convertible screens for summertime, or windows that open out for ventilation. Accessories such as porch swings, special non-fading fabrics for brightly colored upholstery on your furniture, and perhaps a natural jute or raffia carpet.

A sun porch that is being converted to a sunroom also offers you the opportunity to have some wonderful plants and hardy trees, such as ficus, to bring more color and life into your inventive interior design.

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