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Since the shapes of sunrooms are defined by their windows and the frames that hold the windows in place, the style of windows utilized can run the gamut. But, style isn’t the only determining factor for the type of windows in the sunroom industry. Types of glass, different materials used to frame the glass, coatings on the glass, self-cleaning glass, and other technologies are all considerations for the multiplicity of sunroom windows available today.

One may choose wood, vinyl, aluminum and “clad” window frames. All-wood is the most expensive of these and requires periodic refinishing. Vinyl is maintenance free and moderately priced. Aluminum is less energy efficient and clad combines the energy efficiency of wood frames with maintenance free vinyl or aluminum. With its moderate price, clad is the most popular style of window for your sunroom.

The industry standard for sunroom windows is “hermetically sealed, double-paned glass, with an insulating dead-air space between the panes. You may also choose additional options:

  • Triple-paned glazings, to create two layers of insulation that prevent heat loss;
  • Argon-filled windows for better insulation;
  • Low-emission (low-E) glass that is coated with extremely thin layers of silver or other metal to permit light to pass through but helps prevent the transfer of heat and blocks damaging ultraviolet rays; and
  • Safety glass, which is required by most building codes.

Naturally, the style of window for your sunroom is another important decision to make. You may wish to have sliding glass doors and windows, and windows that open to ventilate the sunroom, such as double-hung and single-hung windows, or fixed windows, including picture windows. Of course, you could also have a combination of all types, depending upon the type of sunroom you are planning. Clearly, (pardon the pun) you will need glass panels cut into different shapes and sizes if you intend to install a complicated design, such as a Victorian-style conservatory.

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