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Andersen Windows 200 Series

An important element in determining the energy efficiency of your home is the quality of your windows. You can turn down the thermostat, turn-off lights, and conserve water all you want, but if your windows are drafty and leaky, you’re just throwing money out the window.

Just replacing your windows with new ones isn’t enough. You have to make sure the windows you switch to are quality products that won’t leak, have a thick enough glass, and will last longer than a year or two. One manufacturer that has established a lasting, trustworthy reputation is the Andersen Window & Door Company.

The Andersen Window & Door Company is known for producing beautiful wood-framed designs. In addition to a quality, low-maintenance frame, they also focus on producing a solid package that will aid with the energy efficiency of your home. They have broken-down the window lines into three categories: the 200 series, the 400 series, and the Architectural line. Within these categories, you can choose between several different styles including casement, awning, double-hung, fixed-pane, and storm windows.

The most affordable option is the 200 series.

With this series, the company developed a line that offers a solid product with dual-paned glass and quality hardware, and still maintaining the classy look known to the company. In the 200 series you have the choice between various grid styles, many different hardware designs, and four different color options. The company focuses on only building the most commonly requested sizes and designs in this line, allowing them to mass-produce the product and keep costs down.

With the Andersen 200 series, you can rest assured that you are installing a quality product that carries a company-backed warranty. Just because it is their least expensive line doesn’t mean you are sacrificing anything other than more custom features. Request free estimates from prescreened window installers in your area today.

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