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Andersen Coastal Windows

Living on the coast can be immensely gratifying. You get those views of the crashing waves, cool sea breezes from your deck and nicely exfoliated skin from the sand and salt. Of course, there are drawbacks, too, and one of them can be detrimental to life, limb and private property - natural disasters. All too often, tropical storms and hurricanes devastate coastal homes and windows are one of the first things to go.

Ironically, glass, which is made from sand, is the weakest structural point of the home and usually cracks first under the pressure of extreme wind and flying debris. Understanding this weakness has been a strength for Andersen Windows and Doors. The American window and door manufacturer, which has been in business for more than 100 years, strives to follow stringent, new building codes in coastal regions. They go above and beyond requirements to help keep properties and families safer.

StormWatch windows are fortified in both framework and glass to better sustain catastrophic storms common along the coast. Each StormWatch window comes with three basic glass options: high performance, which has superior energy efficiency qualities; monolithic impact resistant for protection against forced entry, sun damage and noise infiltration; and high-performance impact resistant, which combines the qualities of the other two types for a super-strength, energy efficient window. StormWatch windows are securely attached to the house and more resistant to exterior damage.

Fortified window frames offer the following features:

  • Structural silicone glazing
  • Extra fasteners to anchor hardware and hinges
  • Galvanized metal jamb clips
  • Perma-shield vinyl cladding (resistant to wear caused by sand and salt)
  • Reinforcements to the frame, sash and panel to stave off the effects of high wind and impact

What’s even better is that the StormWatch windows don’t make your home look like a tank ready for combat. In fact, you won’t see a difference at all in the windows’ appearance. However, should a disastrous storm pass through your coastal community, you’ll certainly see the difference in how your home survives it.

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