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Classic Wood-Framed Windows by Andersen

If you are ready to replace your windows, where do you begin? There are so many decisions to make, including what material you want. Wood, vinyl, or aluminum? Wood is a timeless classic that has been used for several hundred years. Many companies make wood-framed windows, but few have made it their specialty as the Andersen Window & Door Company has.

The Andersen Name

Andersen Windows & Doors has been in business since 1903. Since that time, it has developed a number of quality product lines that it is proud to stand behind. One defining characteristic of this company is that it limits production to only wood products. This has allowed the company to perfect the craft of consistently producing quality products.

Quality and Appearance

The windows and door frames, which are warrantied for 10 years, are made out of all-natural solid woods, including pine, alder, mahogany, and cherry. There are no visible finger joints, providing a seamless appearance. The wood is specially treated with a preserving sealant to extend the lifespan and reduce maintenance. The frames come pre-manufactured in several different colors, or you can opt to stain or paint them a color of your choosing.

Environmentally Friendly

Even though Andersen products are produced out of natural wood, the company is committed to preserving the environment. Not only does it strive to minimize pollution, conserve natural resources, and promote energy conservation; the company can also help your project achieve LEED certification.


As part of a strong environmental commitment, in 1993, the company developed Fibrex. Fibrex consists of a highly sustainable composite material made from reclaimed wood fiber and thermalplastic polymer. Fibrex led to the Andersen Corporation becoming the first and only window manufacturer to gain the Green Seal. Fibrex is incorporated into many of Andersen’s product lines. It is durable, resistant to decay, and helps to reduce VOC emissions.

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