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Add Style with Champion Bay Windows

Bay windows are without a doubt the most stylish windows you can have in your home. This vintage window enhances the views and showers the room with natural light.

A bay window by Champion can be installed in most openings because they build custom windows to match your home’s specific needs. The bay window in general combines a larger fixed window flanked by two additional casements or double hung windows. The bay window by Champion has a deep seated area that can be stained to match your home’s natural wood or painted to fit the interior design.

Bay windows are also famous for their unique exterior architectural molding. Champion provides this decorative accessory as well, making the window beautiful both inside and out. A bay window can represent the centerpiece to one of the great rooms in the house and Champion can help you achieve this.

Not only do they make their own windows, doors, and siding, they install all of their own products. I mentioned they make custom windows; they also make energy efficient glass. Low-E glass is the latest evolutionary change in glass windows. Champion touts their own revolutionary glass and they say it’s superior. Comfort 365 by Champion bounces radiant heat away from the windows during the summer time and holds in heat during the winter. This is the same fundamental principle as Low-E glass, but Champion believes their glass is better. They do offer a lifetime warranty on this product and other high performance glass products.

Another reason to consider Champion is the tax credits you can earn by installing new energy efficient products in your home. Federal tax credits are available on energy saving products. This federal stimulus plan can save homeowners up to $1500 or 30% of the cost. Champion Windows can help in this regard, their products exceed Energy Star ratings in 50 states and they offer a free in-home consultation. With all these bonuses available, it’s a great time to upgrade your windows and take advantage of some stimulus savings. If you have questions about Champion Window products visit their website at championwindow.com or call the consultation line at 1-888-682-2261.

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