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Create a Wall of Marvin Awning Windows

The Marvin awning window is a great compliment to the casement window. If you’re designing a wall of windows, it’s not uncommon to install a line of these smaller windows with their larger casement counterparts. Marvin awnings are designed to circulate air in the room, but without exposing it to the elements. They hinge at the top and open from the bottom, using a crank shaft to open and close the window. Larger awnings can be 6-feet-by-6-feet, creating stunning views and better air flow to any room. Here’s an overview of the different awning windows made by Marvin.

Ultimate Push-Out Awning

Simple and easy to operate—just turn the handle and push out the sash for a great unobstructed view. This particular window fits perfectly in guest rooms, living rooms, and master bedrooms. They also fit in nicely with window walls. Beach houses, ski cabins, and lakeside houses often use awning windows with casements to gain more visibility and allow more natural light into the house. This style of window has Low-E II coating and a high pressure resistance rating.

Ultimate Replacement Awning

Like its name suggests, this window is the standard replacement window for your old awning. It has all the standard features, like Low-E II coating, argon insulation, and above-normal pressure rating. It comes with a bare wood interior with an aluminum clad exterior.

If you’re getting a window replaced professionally, they generally work on site, meaning a window contractor will come to your house and get all the necessary measurements and then order the new window. After that process is completed, an estimate can be calculated for the customer.

New Ultrex Windows

I strongly suggest these windows as possible replacements for your old single pane awning. Infinity windows by Marvin are made from pultruded fiberglass. It’s a thin but strong glass, made with saturated compounded resins. Perfect for a set of awning windows, Ultrex is a remarkably durable material that outlasts and outperforms other window materials. The experts say this revolutionary window is so durable you’ll never need a replacement again.

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