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Fiberglass Windows

fiberclass windowsFirst patented in 1946, fiberglass window frames have been on the market for only about twenty years. Fiberglass is being increasingly considered as an option for replacement windows because of many positive attributes, the most important of which are its strength, durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance.

The most common reason for not choosing fiberglass is its cost. While the initial cost of fiberglass is about 25% higher than high-end vinyl and about the same as clad-wood windows, its many positive attributes make it worth the investment. The fact is that fiberglass is virtually maintenance-free and provides a lifetime of service at a comparatively low cost.

Fiberglass resists warping and twisting and lacks brittleness and deterioration. It is also insect-, rust- and splinter-resistant. Window frames made of fiberglass will not separate or crack and can be subjected to all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl windows can lose their shape under extreme heat. By contrast, even in the most extreme temperature changes, fiberglass windows will maintain their rigidity. This also makes them particularly appropriate for use with large picture windows.

Another advantage over vinyl is that fiberglass windows may be painted to suit your décor but vinyl windows come pre-painted in limited color choices. In addition, fiberglass windows are available with many of the same glass options as other types of windows, including low-E argon-filled, storm-resistant, and self-cleaning.

Furthermore, they come in many of the same styles such as casement, double-hung, single-hung, and picture configurations and are available with a wide array of grilles.

But, amazingly, that’s not all. Other benefits of fiberglass include their ease of installation, low rates of condensation, resistance to sound transmission, ease of operation, and high quality insulation. In fact, in the window industry, fiberglass is regarded as the leading edge in technology.

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