Beachy Small Bathrooms Heat Up in Los Angeles

From Margaret Everton on November 3, 2011 in Los Angeles


When it comes to remodeling a bathroom in Southern California, the beach lifestyle can inform design choices, with colors and materials that evoke a seaside environment. But Los Angeles is also the home of Hollywood glamor, and L.A. residents appreciate luxurious amenities in their bathrooms, too.

Smart homeowners take advantage of both worlds, with spacious, Zen-style bathrooms that feature high-end, deluxe appointments. Here are a few ideas to make the look fit any bathroom remodeling budget.

A professional bathroom contractor can help you configure the space to accommodate the new fixtures. Sometimes the existing space can be reorganized to fit the addition, but it takes an experienced contractor to ascertain if existing plumbing and electrical lines will need to be added.

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Contractors will also know about any local building codes that may restrict the design. In general, bathroom remodels are cheaper in the winter, as this is the slow season, when professionals have less demand on their time.

Luxury spas are popular in Los Angeles, but when it comes right down to it, most homeowners would rather enjoy the spa experience in the privacy of their own homes. An amenity like a large shower or whirlpool tub can be affordable when it becomes the star appointment.

Limiting the rest of the budget to more cosmetic makeovers, such as a fresh coat of paint, a new window treatment and new fixtures, can create the environment of an exclusive spa without breaking the bank.

If your bath requires more space, enlarging the bathroom is a popular option. Often, additional space can be found by annexing space from an adjoining hallway or bedroom.


When renovating a small bathroom to make room for a large shower, use a color scheme that makes the most of the addition by playing up the element of water. Limit the color palette to two colors: the cool blue tint of the shower surround glass and a neutral color like off-white or grey. Using reflective materials like glass tiles, high-gloss paint and chrome fixtures reinforces the shimmering effect of water.

For a bathroom with a new whirlpool bathtub, a serene aesthetic is appropriate. A tub surround covered in granite, marble or other stone work can set the tone for a natural, soothing environment. Extending the surround to include a shelf provides space for all the little amenities that make long soaks pleasurable, such as candles, a good book or a glass of wine.


Extending the existing window downwards can create a new perspective. Keep the color scheme neutral to accent the natural style, with a touch of black to add balance, weight and drama.

Effective lighting is essential when remodeling a bathroom. Taking advantage of a bathroom remodel to install recessed lighting is a sound investment. Functionality must also be considered.

A ventilation system that will adequately disperse humid air is a must. Professional contractors can offer further advice about all the extras that can transform a bathroom into a home spa. Contact one of our pre-screened contractors today for more information.

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