Boston Design Firm Wears Many Hats

From Margaret Everton on March 10, 2011 in Boston

Acting as both contractor and architect on all of their projects, Boston design firm Domus likes to be fully entrenched in the process of creating a home from start to finish. So when clients need a simple addition, or someone to make their dreams of owning a customized home a reality, they can rest assured there will be no discrepancy between the plans and end result. This may just be the reason why Domus projects are so breathtaking. boston design domusboston design lexington This home in Lexington, Massachusetts reflects the shape of its two adjoining arched porches, and has a wide array of windows to serve as focal points. Contrasting colors on the facade also add interest. boston design winchesterboston design bathroom tile Traditional in appearance, this Winchester, Massachusetts has a beautifully modern interior, as evidenced by the impressive walk-in shower illuminated by a mosaic wall. boston design homeboston design kitchen This home, also located in Winchester, Massachusetts, was built on a site with unique challenges, but in the end was able to blend seamlessly with its surroundings. The kitchen is particularly interesting with its view of the exterior stone wall. boston dining room design Built for homeowners with slightly more eclectic tastes, this Winchester property has an exceptionally vibrant interior. Noteworthy is the bathroom with an enclosed bathtub/shower combo. boston bathroom design The diversity of Domus’ portfolio conveys one very important quality of this Boston-based firm: their ability to take the personality of their clients and embody them into the home they have always envisioned.

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