Bringing Hot California Style to Charlotte

From Margaret Everton on June 8, 2010 in Charlotte

Relocating 3,000 miles across country can be tough, but saying goodbye to SoCal’s temperate climate and sunny beaches might be even harder. So when Pat and Elizabeth Rondero uprooted their brood to Charlotte, North Carolina, they made sure that their new home reflected the one they were leaving behind. charlotte rondero One noticeable upside to the move was a giant upgrade in living space. While the family was used to 900 square feet, in Charlotte they could easily afford 3,000. For Elizabeth, this meant even more room to create an eclectic and fun design for their newly purchased Dutch Colonial. charlotte california style living room Much of the inspiration for her choice in home decor came from a store she owned in Long Beach, CA, aptly named PRISSY LOV. Both furniture and accessories mesh together with a common bohemian style and highlight the appropriately placed color accents. charlotte california style kitchen With ample rooms to decorate, many of the pieces were bought secondhand and repurposed to fit with the rest of the design. In the end, several design styles were represented, from traditional to modern, with plenty of personality mixed in. Comfort, however, wasn’t spared in any of the rooms. charlotte california style bathroom While the weather and surroundings may have changed, the Roderos seem to have found a way to bring their past along with them. If nothing else, they have a fabulously decorated house to come home to. charlotte california style dining

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