Couple Saves Big by Insulating their Home

From Margaret Everton on November 2, 2010 in Milwaukee

When Steve Cupery and his wife, Lorna Young, decided to insulate their century-old Shorewood home, it didn’t take them long to notice a difference. Now they can’t imagine why they waited so long to insulate the old house in the first place. milwaukee energy efficient insulationDiscover how much you could save with a few upgrades by talking to a contractor today. The first change they noticed was a drastic drop in outside noise. Sleeping adjacent to Lake Michigan can be rather rough on the ears. Other more obvious changes: a reduction in their utility bills and smaller carbon footprint. Before adding the insulation, the 1919 home literally had none—since it wasn’t seen as a necessity until decades after their home was built. So when the federal energy efficiency tax credit offered to pay for up to 30% of the improvements, Cupery and Young realized the project had just become affordable (find out how much a project like this would cost you here). They turned to S&E Insulation of Shorewood to blow cellulose insulation into their walls for just under $3,400. Afterwards, they decided to further increase their energy savings by replacing a few windows as well—another upgrade covered by the credit. Besides making a necessary improvement to their home, Cupery and Young were able to keep the cold air out before winter began seeping through the cracks. They may have had to pay the upfront costs, but this is one project that was well worth the money.

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