Garden of Eden in St. Louis

From Margaret Everton on June 28, 2010 in St. Louis

Any nature-lover will agree with the statement that the main feature of a home isn’t the inside design as much as it is the outside landscaping. One St. Louis couple agrees with this assessment wholeheartedly. The central feature of their home is the yard space, which is a verdant display of hollies, evergreens, topiaries, and boxwoods. st louis garden shed It didn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t stay beautifully manicured on its own. It takes work—a lot of it. For Schwartztrauber and Miller, the home’s garden-design savants, it was part experimentation, part creative genius, part past experience, and several parts hard work. st louis garden pathThe first season, they experimented with an effusion of flowers. When some of the flowers didn’t provide the clean-edge look they were going for, they decided to install some shrubbery, too. The evergreen shrubs worked great in the shade, and along with the hollies, added a year-round green to the yard. Topiary designs—mostly ball-shaped—added interest and variety. In the summer, the yard comes alive with redbuds, jasmine, lilies, catmint, lady’s mantle, daffodils, viburnums, catnip, hydrangeas, and who-knows-what-else. Thought it sounds like a horticultural recipe for mass confusion, the green-thumbed couple actually has a penchant for design and order. Just a few different colors, straight rows, orderly trimming, and a structured look characterize the garden louis garden decor It’s not just for visual appeal that they worked so hard to have a garden like they do. It’s edible, too. The herb garden gets pride of place in the sunniest portion of the yard. Here is where Schwartztrauber plants sage-a-plenty. They even have a mini-orchard. Small apple trees, peach trees, blackberries, and blueberries are clustered at one end of the lot. Also growing here are garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a medley of other vegetables. It’s the quintessential combination of all the best elements in a garden—lots of green, lots of beauty, lots of variety, and even lots of food.

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