Modern Old-World Glamour in Nolita, New York

From Margaret Everton on February 23, 2011 in New York

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Urban settings the world over are experiencing a rebirth with new and renovated buildings offering breathtaking condo living. We are positively drooling over this seven-story traditionally styled condominium project in Nolita, New York. Seriously. Wiping our chins. The interior of this 211 Elizabeth Street structure has been designed by Roman & Williams, and takes the adjectives hip and sophisticated and molds them into something new entirely.

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The windows of this traditionally styled red brick exterior have been set back eight inches, creating a surprising play on light and shadow as they sit within serrated brick.

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Inside, similarly unique structures prevail, with a surprising blend of sleekness and strength. No detail has gone unattended, which is partially the cause of this space’s success.

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Specific details pull together to create an amazing effect, such as in this kitchen. The flooring, countertops, and hardware lighten the stark darkness of the space. High-gloss finishes help create glamour, and the effect of a larger kitchen rather than a smaller one—as is usually the case with dark colors.

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The strong, masculine and timeless modernity of the design within offers elegance with comfort. No stuffiness here. And yet with every detail, from the mantle lighting to the chairs and coffee table—and oh just everything!—this space can claim great deliberation.

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Even the furniture placement is meticulous, opening up seating to the beautiful large windows, and allowing for a distinct separation from and yet transition into the dining room through the French doors.

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Every inch of the bathroom has been created with strong detail, balancing the dark throughout with a light spa-like vibe. An old-Hollywood glamour. A grace that has washed over this entire building.

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