New Home Trends Favor Simple, Clean and Low-Key

From Margaret Everton on July 2, 2010 in Philadelphia

Interesting shifts in décor mean times are a-changin’

philadelphia downsize fireplace

While Philadelphia homeowners may not have thought twice a few years ago about replacing the old with the new, home decor has now become a visual cue that times are different. Not only are we downsizing our homes, but we’re making do with fewer possessions and holding on tightly to the ones we have.

Less is More?

A trend in downsizing is causing homeowners to consider design schemes oriented around the idea that “less is more.” Even remodeling jobs have been simplified from total overhauls to moving a wall or two, updating the bathroom only, and so on.

philadelphia downsize furniture

In addition, completely replacing furniture pieces and starting from scratch is no longer commonplace. Homeowners are keeping what they’ve accumulated over the years and only adding a few new pieces here and there.

New Eclecticism

This trend has led to more eclectic designs that incorporate elements from different time periods. Traditional and heirloom pieces, for instance, are finding their way back into homes, presenting designers with the added challenge of modernizing spaces while still creating a sense of cohesion.

philadelphia downsize bedroom

Whether it’s due to the stresses of the past few years, a smaller budget or a need for change, homeowners are leaning toward simple, clean and low-key designs. Most would say that’s not such a bad thing after all.

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