Old Salt Lake City Home Gets a Pretty Remodel

From Margaret Everton on November 8, 2010 in Salt Lake City

It wasn’t until Rosann Robinson tackled a massive renovation of her 1940’s Salt Lake City bungalow that she realized how much her aging home had been running her life. Now she has a shiny new pad better suited to her lifestyle, and feels more equipped for entertaining. pretty salt lake kitchen While she was committed to making some significant changes to the existing structure, Robinson wasn’t too preoccupied with increasing her home’s current footprint—she just wanted a functional space she could enjoy. As a result, the only rooms that were made larger were an upstairs bedroom and the kitchen area. In the end, the additions only added 25 to 30 square feet to the home. The basement, which previously contained two bedrooms with a choppy flow, was restructured to include a guest area with a bathroom, along with a laundry room and family room. New windows successfully did away with the dark, cramped feel of the space. pretty salt lake remodel Plagued by drafts in the winter, Robinson also added new windows, doors, and insulation to the rest of the house. She was pleasantly surprised by how much more comfortable the home felt afterwards—and took advantage of the $1,500 tax credit for new window installation as well. Intrigued? Find out what upgrading your own windows would cost here. With her weekends now free from the never-ending maintenance that an older home requires, Robinson can’t wait to have her friends over for a little R&R.

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