Trends in Kansas City Kitchen Design: Luxury Stone Tile

From Margaret Everton on March 23, 2010 in Kansas City

As with any aspect of American culture, the tide of home design trends is constantly changing. Amy Sanders of local Kansas City International Materials of Design and Chuck Erickson of Carthage Marble give us a peek into one aspect of Kansas City kitchen design that is experiencing a fascinating shift. kansas city kitchen marble countertops Luxury stones have been a big part of Kansas City home remodels for quite some time now. Not only do they bring a natural design element to your space, but they give the feel of expensive taste without the high price tag to go along with it. Marble has been a leader in this market, but homeowners are now looking to Calcutta gold marble, a material used in Italian kitchens, for that extra little bit of elegance. kansas city kitchen onyx fireplaceOnyx Rixner Fireplace Onyx and refurbished terra cotta have also taken center-stage in many home designs – onyx for its striking appearance, and terra cotta for that warm, rustic feel. kansas city kitchen onyx The possibilities for luxury stones are endless, considering their versatility in how they can be applied to home design. Either way, they provide a beauty only offered by Mother Nature.

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