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How to Begin Remodeling Your Basement

Basements can either be a great asset to a building or a great detriment. If it is damp, prone to water seepage, and various molds and mildews, it can be more of a problem than it’s worth. However, if properly contained, it can be valuable storage area or beautifully remodeled living space. If your home has a basement, here are some helpful tips to fully maximize its potential.

A basement is in actuality a bonus story to your house. It can be converted into valuable square footage that provides for additional bedrooms, bathrooms, even a kitchen. What better place for a game room or home theater? Some homeowners even create a separate living quarters that can be rented out or used for a elderly parent or grown child.

Before attempting a basement remodel, there are a few structural elements that you should make sure are in place before beginning. Begin by ensuring that there are no water problems that need to be addressed before covered with finish materials. Look for tell-tale signs of damage such as mold, mildew, dry rot, peeling paint, damp spots on the floor or walls, rust, or cracks in the concrete. Your contractor should seal the concrete with a waterproof sealant. Concrete is very prone to absorbing moisture, and it is crucial to stop it before it seeps into your flooring. Have all of the plumbing lines investigated for leaks, as well as the walls and ceiling. Now is the time to make any necessary repairs. After you are certain the basement is leak-proof, and has the proper ventilation and drainage, have a insulation installed with a strong vapor barrier. This will help to keep the basement warmer, while reducing condensation at the same time.

Before your walls are finished, you should establish what the heating and air system will be. Forced air and radiant floor systems both work well. If the basement is well insulated, you can also use a small free-standing heating unit. Basements tend to stay cooler in the summer, so you may not even need air conditioning. Even though there are already concrete walls in place, normally interior wood framing is built to form the rooms. This allows for an insulation barrier while insuring straight construction. It also works to hide any plumbing, ductwork, or electrical; giving you the same finished appearance that you have in the rest of the house.

A good water-resistant drywall is recommended, otherwise called “paperless drywall.” This can then be finished just as you would any other wall; whether with texture, faux finishes, or paneling.

As long as the structural elements are in place, you can transform your basement into pretty much anything you can imagine. Request free estimates from a skilled basement remodeling contractor today.

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