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Bathroom Remodel in One Weekend

Want the most bang for your buck? Try tackling the bathroom. For most modestly sized bathrooms, you can give it a complete facelift with just one weekend’s worth of your time and a surprisingly small slice of your budget.


The bathroom floor can be a fun canvas to work with. Designers and other creative folk are coming up with great, unique things to do on top of the existing floors. This saves a lot of time and effort, since you can get right to work on the new finish without having to take up the old flooring.

If you’re feeling crafty, try ripping up old brown shopping bags and gluing the pieces on top of your bathroom floor in a hodgepodge. Just make sure that all of the pieces are face down so that you don’t see any printing (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Then, top the bag pieces with four to six coats of polyurethane. The finished result is a faux leather or stone appearance.

Even simpler yet, you can prime your linoleum floors and just paint right over them. Solid colors can make a slight difference, but jazz it up with a pattern for an even bolder change. Stripes, checkerboards, diamonds or other unique patterns are easy to do.


Bright bathroom colorsBathrooms are usually tight quarters with little exposed wall space, but you can transform the room just by sprucing up the walls with a bold, bright finish. Paint is relatively inexpensive, so you can add a coat for very little money and change it again if you’re not happy with the outcome.

The key is to make a drastic change. Try your hand at faux finishing and use bright, vibrant colors. Two of the easiest faux finishes to accomplish are sponge painting or rag painting, which gives rich texture and a unique look.

For a more uniform textured look, there are paintable wallpapers available that come in a variety of patterns designed to look more like sculptured plaster. You can apply them to the entire wall, the bottom or top half, or even the ceiling.Children's bathroom artwork


Then, there’s all the other stuff you see in the bathroom. A quick trip to your local home improvement store, and you could give the old bathroom a new wardrobe. Look for items that are patterned or just color-compatible and change up the shower curtain, towels, bath mat and washcloths.

If your items are more varied than matching, you can easily tie your eclectic room together with the addition of artwork on the walls. Art doesn’t have to be an “investment,” especially when hanging in such a moist atmosphere. You can frame and hang colorful images from magazines or catalogs, your children’s masterpieces or even some of your own doodles.

Photo Credit: iVillage & HGTV

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