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The Paved Concrete Balcony

Concrete balconies are gaining some momentum in residential
construction. For many years, concrete balconies were prevalent in commercial
and large, multi-unit residential buildings. Issues with thermal bridging, due
to heat loss through the concrete from the interior of the home, kept the focus
on steel for some time. It was no problem, however, that modern engineers
couldn’t solve, and today many homes utilize paved concrete balconies to add a
modern flare to their home design.

Concrete offers several advantages including:

  • Speed without Spending. Pouring concrete is much faster and typically cheaper than other popular decking materials such as wood (although pouring a second-floor balcony, including steel framing, will be considerably more expensive than other common concrete applications).
  • Maintenance. Concrete is long lasting and easy to clean. A sealer is highly recommended for weatherproofing, a task that must be completed every year or so.
  • Diversity. Paved balconies are often colorfully sealed, painted, tiled, and even carpeted.

Concrete balconies are no simple feat of engineering.
Carefully designed framing and steel reinforcement are essential. Therefore,
hiring a structural engineer and professional
concrete contractor
is highly recommended.

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