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Ever-Last Kitchen Faucets: New Diamond Seal Technology

Girls’ best friend has just made a brand new appearance in kitchen sinks. No longer will we have to pay the piper to dismantle our kitchen plumbing - these diamonds are built right into the faucet.

Delta has adopted the Diamond Seal Technology for some of their latest faucet models in an effort to improve the quality and lifespan of kitchen faucets and their components. They aver that their new Diamond Seal faucets can last up to ten times longer than the industry standard.Their approach to this new design is a rearrangement of typical faucet materials in more appropriate positions. For example, plastic parts used in the mechanisms and outer components of faucets tend to produce more cracked, worn or broken faucets. Instead, Delta replaced the plastic in the parts, like handles, knobs and necks, with stainless steel. Steel is a much more durable material and nothing beats the sleek sheen of metal.

Delta does believe that plastics have their place in kitchen faucets, however. Diamond Seal Technology faucets contain an InnoFlex waterway system comprised of cross-linked polyethylene. The tubes are said to be stronger and easier to work with than copper. Additionally, this polymer tubing won’t contaminate the water coming through your system in any way, eliminating odors, colors or undesirable properties that can sometimes come through plumbing systems where water physically touches metal piping components. With Diamond Seal Technology, your water never touches metal until it pours out onto your sink.

So, what about these diamonds? The second half of what makes these new Delta faucets so desirable is the diamond-embedded disc located inside the faucet mechanism. The diamond disc is part of a two-disc system. A ceramic disc is placed inside the cartridge of the faucet and never allows water to flow above, eliminating the possibility of leakage. This disc moves in conjunction with the faucet’s handle in order to control the flow of water through the nozzle. To keep the ceramic disc functioning properly over the lifetime of the faucet, the diamond-embedded disc is installed in a stationary position just below it. As the ceramic disc moves to turn the flow of water on and off, it rubs against the diamond-embedded disc, thereby getting continuously polished. The purpose of this is to keep calcium and mineral deposits from building up on the ceramic disc - it can always move smoothly every single time you turn your faucet on.

It’s almost like Delta has turned kitchen faucets inside out and on their heads, placing all plastics on the insides, metal on the outsides and diamonds up near the handle instead of down in the depths of your drainage.

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