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Helpful Advice to Control Kitchen Clutter

Oh, the clutter! There are few things that put a damper on your motivation like a disorganized working space. Do you feel like you spend half of your time just trying to control the mess? If you’ve had enough, here are some helpful solutions to make your life run more efficiently.

Have a garage sale- Before beginning any improvements, go through your kitchen and sell or donate anything you don’t use very often. We all have those appliances we received as gifts and only use when the giver comes to visit. Toss out any extra Tupperware containers, paperwork, or old utensils. Get down to the basics, get minimal. You might even make a little money to put towards your project!

Add adequate cabinetry- Even if you have a small kitchen, adding the right cabinets can make all the difference. Expand your thinking, is it possible to take down a wall and enlarge the kitchen? Because it is such a key focal point in the home, it might be worthwhile to borrow the square footage from somewhere less important. New cabinets sport an abundance of organizational including deep drawers, pull-out tables and appliances lifts, corner systems and lazy susans, base cabinet organizers, drawer organizers, silverware trays, drop-down ironing boards, trash and recycling drawers, and built-in spice racks.

Little Extras- Appliance garages create an attractive enclosure for unsightly appliances and create a cleaner appearance. Under cabinet racks are ideal for spices or displaying decorative dishes. A wine rack is another classy and stylish accessory.

The more items out of sight the better. Add a small desk with drawers to put away bills and other paperwork that always seem to get tossed carelessly on the counter. Include a key rack, phone port, and a fold-up desk to hide little messes. Consider adding racks or shelves for pots, baked items, or dining room items such as napkin holders, papertowel racks, salt and pepper shakers, or table linins.

Whether you are ready for a complete renovation of your kitchen, or just want to bring some solutions to your frustrations, contact a certified contractor today to receive a free estimate.

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