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Simple Kitchen Lighting Tips

If poor lighting is your excuse for not fully utilizing your kitchen, then you may need to find a better one. Eddie Cohen of Design Light, Inc. has some excellent tips for shining light on those neglected kitchen work spaces – and eating in more than dining out.

Recessed lighting, as shown above, helps in directing light to the areas where it’s needed most. Simple, yet effective.

Kitchen under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting gives off brighter, more direct light to the countertop. It can be installed with a variety of bulbs that each provide their own effect. CFLs and LEDs are smart choices for lower energy bills.

Kitchen in-cabinet lighting

For a jaw-dropping classic look, in-cabinet lighting might do the trick. Not only does it make finding everything easier, but it really brings glass cabinets to life.

For those who would rather not commit to one set lighting arrangement, track lighting provides some options. Each light can be repositioned for optimal usefulness.

Kitchen pendant lighting

Pendant lights are like recessed lights that want to be noticed. They still provide direct light where needed, but also add an amazing decorative touch.

Kitchen flood lighting

Bulbs can have a huge impact on how your space is lit. For lighting with a farther reaching effect, use floodlights.

It’s been proven that the proper lighting can do wonders for improving your mood. These ideas just might improve your cooking as well.

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