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3 Kitchen Gadgets for the Working Parent

You want to have those quality culinary moments with your family, watching the perfectly-formed scones rise in your oven as your kids squeal in delight. But when you’re a working mom or dad, real life doesn’t always allow for such slowing down—or even time to make dinner sometimes. These kitchen gadgets can serve three purposes in a kitchen with children: to make dinner a faster process when needed, to serve several purposes and eliminate kitchen clutter, and to make cooking with children easy and fun.

#1 – KitchenAid Mixer

From bread dough kneading to pasta-making to simple batter-blending, this mixer is the Cadillac of kitchen appliances. Though other brands have come out with good countertop mixers, KitchenAid was lauded by Julia Child herself for a reason. Keep it in the corner of your kitchen and use it every chance you get, allowing you to multitask.

#2 – Toaster Oven

Kitchen toaster oven

Though you mostly need the traditional oven to cook for your family, a toaster oven bakes on a smaller scale, taking less time to preheat, and less energy. Pop in that side of frozen sweet potato fries, the English muffin pizzas the kids just made, or even toast cinnamon bread to perfection.

#3 – Food Processor for Baby

Kitchen food processor

Processing your own organic vegetables into baby food only allows for a custom mix of the veggies that your baby likes, but also means you can serve organic fare without breaking the bank (or all of those tiny little baby food jars). You can smoothly transition your baby to joining the family table by pureeing traditionally grown-up foods, and introduce to them new tastes and experiences.

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