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Installing Your Outdoor Cooking Stove

Outdoor kitchens are becoming quite popular, especially for those who love to entertain. Many of us avoid cooking on hot summer days and the thought of escaping the stuffy confines of the house to the great outdoors is a welcome alternative.

There are many fascinating models to choose from when shopping for a stove. Some outdoor cooking setups come completely equipped with everything from a built-in pantry to a drop-down cooler. Some include a cooktop, barbeque, smoker, and garbage can. Drawers and cabinetry allow for storage of utensils and easy preparation. Some elaborate models go as far as to include wet-bars, LCD TVs, and complete sound systems.

The surroundings of your cooking stove are equally important as the stove itself. Many examples show stoves installed on a patio, deck, or stone surface. Sometimes, the units are surrounded with cabinets and attractive countertops. The stove itself can be set or encased in rock to create an outdoor feel.

The installation of an outdoor cooking stove and its surroundings can be an in-depth process, and will require a certain amount of skill. Determine your fuel source, and then the appropriate plumbing and electrical conduit should be installed. It is possible to buy propane models; however, the tank can be a bit unsightly.

Outdoor kitchens can cost anywhere from $3000-$15,000 depending on the features included. If you just want to keep it simple, outdoor cooking stoves can be as inexpensive as $75.

If you and your family love spending time outdoors, the addition of an outdoor cooking arrangement can bring you countless hours of relaxing fun. Be the envy of your neighborhood as the delightful aroma of your meal wafts across the summer breeze. Request a free estimate today to install your cooking stove before the pleasant days of spring and summer arrive.

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