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Landscaping the Small Yard

A small yard can present some landscaping limitations, but there is no reason why you can’t still enjoy your own backyard paradise.

Assuming you are starting from scratch, it helps to sketch out your design ahead of time. Your landscaping contractor can further assist you in the formation of your plans if that is preferable. When planning your layout, look for ways to make your yard appear as large as possible. Build up instead of out; and consider working around a specific theme such as a desert rock garden, a lush tropical retreat, or a rosy flower garden. Create a perimeter with trees, shrubbery, or fencing. Choose trees that will grow quickly and create abundant privacy.

Make a charming pathway out of natural, brick, or concrete pavers a few feet from your perimeter. Use the space in between for planter beds. Use a good quality landscape fabric to promote low maintenance. Install an adequate irrigation system, select your plants, and use an attractive ground covering such as bark, sand, or gravel. As an added highlight, add a few well-placed landscape lights.

It is important in your design to leave the center of your yard as open as possible. Create a focal point in one corner and draw the eye to the back of the property. A water feature, koi pond, or a gazebo are just a few ideas.

Planting a lawn is always desirable whether you have children, pets, or just want a comfortable, relaxing environment. A quality irrigation system is imperative to a healthy lawn, as well as proper preparation of the soil before lying sod or seeds. Be sure your contractor takes the time to level your surface, bring in fill material, and use the proper fertilization to ensure your lawn has a strong foundation to grow in. At the same time, keep in mind that maintaining lawns will require a lot of water, and conventional sprinkler systems can be wasteful.

If space allows, a small deck or patio can create even more outdoor living space. Use low maintenance decking, or stamped concrete. Accessorize your patio with flower pots, planter boxes, lights or a barbeque.

If faced with a space literally no larger than a small patio, there are still many options. Build a trellis up your house upon which a climbing plant can grow. Build a grape arbor with a cozy porch swing suspended from it. Flower pots or a container garden can both thrive in small spaces.

With the growing movement towards minimalization, many new homes have small yards. Contact one of our certified landscaping contractors today to make the most of your small space.

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