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New All-Natural Paint and Urethane Remover

Inhaling harmful chemicals, even if it’s in the name of home remodeling, is never a good idea. So pack up those traditional paint removers—it’s time to move on to something far better for you and the environment.

Franmar Chemical is the genius behind SOY-Gel, a revolutionary new product able to strip surfaces of paint, urethanes and acrylics without the odor of traditional removers. While that alone may have sold you, it’s also non-hazardous, 100-percent biodegradable and made strictly from American-grown soybeans.

With a low-evaporation rate, the gel can continue working for up to 24 hours after an application to remove multiple layers of paint at once. It’s also able to safely remove lead paint by constricting the harmful lead toxins inside of the gel and preventing them from becoming airborne.

SOY-Gel can be used on a variety of surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, from wood to concrete. It has a horizontal coverage of up to 200 square feet per gallon and a vertical coverage of up to 130 square feet per gallon. This alone makes it a better buy than the average paint remover.

Who said natural means ineffective? Say goodbye to chemical-induced coughing fits. Soybeans are the way to go.

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