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Paver Pathway Design Ideas

Pathways made, or extended by, paving elements such as brick, stone, gravel, and other interesting paving materials can give a property a customized look. These additions can serve to broaden existing paths, walkways, and driveways for more surface space, and to create new destination areas throughout a yard or garden.

To give poured concrete driveways, walkways, and patios an upgraded look, adding some paving elements made of flagstone, travertine, brick, or stone can do wonders. With the eye-catching interest of the new materials, the poured concrete will fade and blend into the customized edging and add value to the property. Creating new pathways using the new materials exclusively will further emphasize the unique paving materials and tie together the original paved surfaces and the new pathways.

Stuart Robinson, author of 11 Garden Paths and Pathway Ideas for Gardening Tips ‘n’ Ideas, says, “The real beauty of pathways is that there are no rules.” His article includes a photo gallery including pathways made of large stone blocks, pre-fab stepping stones set in gravel, paving stones inset in lawn, and bordered brick-paved paths. The designs range from simple to more involved, inexpensive to costly, and each one is accompanied by a thoughtful commentary on issues such as practicality and complexity of installation.

Palatial Landscapes, an Australian company, has a website with an impressive gallery of paver pathways and more extensive hardscapes including driveways and courtyards. There are some interesting examples of using paving materials to turn that narrow space between house and fence – so common in urban and suburban areas – into an attractive and functional area. The use of natural pavers to enhance or define landscaped areas is a great way to conserve on water while creating more focus on the planted areas.

Once you begin to explore the possibilities for paver pathways, it’s impossible not to see the uses for incorporating paving materials in other ways in your landscape – stairs, retaining walls, and the patios or seating areas to which your paved pathways lead. Examples, accompanied by useful information about paving materials, is featured on the Landscape Network.

CalFinder’s home improvement library and remodeling magazine feature a wide variety of articles about paver ideas for pathways and landscapes, as well as easy access to professional contractors who can offer advice and provide services.

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