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Paver Repair

Repair, or relative ease of repair, is a noted advantage for the use of paving stones over concrete for patios, walkways, even driveways. The key to paver repair is replacing or fixing them in a timely manner. Preventive measures, such as sealing them, may also be taken.

The most common reasons for broken or damaged pavers are falling objects and shifting of the earth beneath them. Whereas earth shifting can do irreparable harm to a concrete driveway or walk, a line of cracked pavers can be pulled up and replaced. You may need a mason’s chisel and heavy hammer to do it, but it can be done. New pavers can then be cut, if necessary, to fit into the old slot and leave the area looking as if nothing ever happened. If you plan to install pavers, it is an excellent idea to order a handful of extras for this very reason.

Essential to paver repair is paver maintenance. Regular inspection, cleaning, and immediate replacement of damaged pavers will greatly increase the lifetime of your pavers. Not to mention save some backaches by limiting the necessity of repairs. You may also choose to seal your pavers. This is not necessary but can do a few things for them. It will deepen the color of the pavers as the sealant seeps into the brick or concrete. It will also protect against stains from oil and other substances and help stave off degradation caused by sunlight.

Pavers are durable. So paver repair is typically not much of an issue. When the need for repair does arise, however, it is essential that the problem be taken care of as soon as possible. This will prevent more serious problems and likely save time and money. Should a current problem with your pavers exist that is too big to handle, it is easy to get free estimates from certified, local contractors so that you can start fresh.

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