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Never Clean Out Your Gutters Again!

How many honey-do lists contain the task of cleaning out the gutters? Too many - just ask any happy husband. Cleaning out the gutters is a pain, as people are injured every year by cutting themselves on the sharp edges of the gutters, bumping their heads on the eaves and even falling off roofs and ladders while trying to accomplish this chore.

Unfortunately, not cleaning the gutters is equally bad. Allowing them to fill up with leaves and debris means that they aren’t functioning properly, which leads to structural damage from moisture and extremely costly repairs.

RainTech has developed a new rainwater system already earning acclaim in the green building products market. The concept is a tube that fills the gutters and collects water, while encouraging leaves and other debris to naturally fall from the roof. It’s as environmentally friendly as it is useful to your home.

RainTech clean gutters

Here are the RainTube specs:

  • Made of 98% post-consumer recycled content
  • Emits no toxic chemicals or greenhouse gas emissions
  • Delivered with no extraneous packaging materials
  • Requires no machinery for installation
  • Has an expected lifetime of more than 100 years

The RainTube remains clean and debris-free while collecting water and allowing it to flow freely into drainpipes or other rainwater collection systems. Since the gutters and tubing are designed to work together to keep rubble separate from the rainwater, they also help keep the roof’s edges clean as well. Less maintenance is needed on your part; the company recommends that you just sweep or leaf-blow around the tube once a year as you clean off your entire roof.

Photo Credit: HGTV

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