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Use Storm Chambers for Smart Watering

We’ve got smart cars, smart appliances, smart phones and now – smart watering? Investing into a storm chamber for residential or commercial watering needs sounds like the perfect solution to ease pressure on local watersheds and lower utility costs.

The storm chamber unit uses a rain harvesting system that collects water right off your roof. It filters it through a screening process then sends the reclaimed water to an underground storage tank. Some chambers can hold up to 575 gallons of free water; that’s the equivalent of 10 rain barrels. The stored water is available for irrigation, washing cars, high pressure cleaning, landscaping, and general lawn watering. Storm chambers produce greywater and mimic natural filtration with the use of microorganisms. They render potentially toxic substances into harmless byproducts.

Residential use of storm chambers will:

  • Lower your cost on utilities
  • Provide an alternative source of water
  • Reduce impact on local watersheds
  • Prevent runoff on sidewalks and streets

As fresh water sources dry up, municipalities will be forced to restrict outdoor watering by either banning it or limiting its use. Another way for cities and towns to force the public into conservation is to raise prices on water. Limitations and higher prices for water could be the future. Using reclaimed water in storm chambers will help preserve rivers, lakes, and streams, while still providing clean water for residential and commercial endeavors.

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