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The Sky Is the Limit; Different Styles of Vaulted Ceilings

One of the best ways to create the illumination of a larger space is a raised or vaulted ceiling. Nothing makes a room feel small and closed in quite like a low ceiling. Higher is definitely better, and there are some attractive styles to choose from.

A Standard Ceiling. One of the most common ceilings found in older homes is the 8 ft. flat ceiling. In the early 20th century, many craftsman homes had 9 ft. ceilings, but as the years progressed throughout the middle of the century, ceilings became more basic and were around 8 ft. tall.

A Cathedral Ceiling. Perhaps not the most practical as far as energy efficiency goes, cathedral ceilings are by far one of the most stunning and will make the biggest statement in your home. Typically, these ceilings follow the pitch of the trusses, and ascend gracefully upward to form a peak at the top.

A Tray Ceiling. Another unique ceiling option is the tray ceiling. This design duplicates an inverted tray, with the center being flat, and the sides slope downward to meet the standard ceiling height on the sides. This design offers some freedom in style selection. Try lining the flat portion with decorative tiles or wallpaper, accented with a complimenting paint color on the sides. Trim out the corners with crown moldings.

A Cove Ceiling. This unusual design is a delicately rounded and smooth variation of the standard vaulted or cathedral ceiling. Not seen as often, it can add height and interest to an otherwise dull space.

If you already have flat ceilings, it may require some simple framing from your contractor to create a raised ceiling. He may also be restricted by the height of your roof; although that can be adjusted as well. Overall, Raised ceilings give a home a more custom appearance, and are always considered desirable. Request a free-estimate from a certified remodeling contractor for your project.

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