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Bark Shingle Siding

What goes woof, is hairless and protects your home from moisture? The answer: bark shingle siding. Yeah, yeah, bad joke, but using our planet’s resources responsibly to enhance our homes is no laughing matter. It’s become a new trend and it’s vital to our own existence.

Bark shingle siding

Bark shingles, although a seemingly new solution, are actually a very old idea. Before manufacturing plants dotted the globe during the industrial revolution, bark shingles were a very common construction material. The idea stems from the fact that bark has successfully protected trees from moisture and the damaging effects of the environment for hundreds of years, so why not use it to protect our homes?

Not every type of tree bark will suffice, however. Many can be too thin, too brittle or just otherwise unsuitable. Poplar is a great thick bark that is easily flattened, dried and applied to a home’s exterior efficiently and attractively.

Bark shingle siding

Chris and Marty McCurry are credited with reintroducing bark shingles into the green home building market in the mid-1990s. The couple discovered that bark is an excellent byproduct that they can put to good use. When milling companies make lumber for the construction industry, oftentimes the bark is just discarded. By encouraging millers to separate the bark more carefully, it too can be utilized in the homebuilding process. This means that trees that are already being sacrificed for construction can be more thoroughly used and the creation of bark shingles does not warrant excessive clearing.

Bark shingle siding

Additionally, bark shingles are maintenance-free. While vinyl siding lasts a mere two decades or so before needing to be replaced, and other sidings and exterior finishes require repainting, re-staining or other routine maintenance, bark shingles can offer a beautiful and durable finish for decades upon decades – without any further assistance from you or future generations.

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