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Go Solar USA’s Solar-Powered Furnace

Out with the old, in with the solar!

Go Solar USA believes it has found the technology that will revolutionize forced air heating systems in the name of solar power. The Nevada corporation announced on Wednesday that it had entered into an agreement to acquire worldwide rights to a new, patent-pending solar heating technology, which could deliver affordable solar-powered heating to homes in cold climates.

35 million homes in the United States are currently heated with forced air systems, the most common type of home heating system in the country. Forced air heaters distribute warm air throughout a home by blowing it through ducts in walls and ceilings. These systems typically run on fossil fuels like natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

Go Solar USA’s “Solar Forced Air Furnace” integrates into an existing forced air system to reduce energy costs and provide a low-cost replacement of oil and gas. The solar furnace may also be used as a standalone system.

It consists of concentrating glass tube collectors which capture and carry solar thermal energy from the collectors to a heat exchanger. There heat is transferred to cool air passing over the exchanger which is then cycled into the home for heating purposes.

“We are excited to have acquired this new, revolutionary US technology that has the potential to reduce energy costs and replace oil and gas in millions of homes across America,” said GSLO President Thomas Massey.

“This is a huge, untapped market that spends thousands of dollars every year on heating costs,” Massey added. “We believe millions of Americans will welcome a technology that will reduce their energy costs and give them a green energy alternative to oil & gas heating.”

More detailed information on the patent-pending Solar Forced Air Furnace is not yet available (GoSolarUSA did not immediately respond to a request for more info). But it initially sounds like this system will work like many home geothermal heat pumps, where cool air is pre-heated by the geothermal system before passing onto the conventional furnace. This can drastically reduce the heating loads on that oil or gas furnace and thus reduce significantly energy and utility costs.

Source: MarketWatch
Photo Credit: Sullivan HVAC

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