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Solar-Powered Media Player

The aptly named Eclipse, a new multimedia player concept from Sony, may block a small portion of the sunlight streaming in your living room window, but what light it blocks it harnesses as electrical power. The Sony Eclipse is aimed at providing a wireless (wires are so 20th century), environmentally friendly way to experience and manage media.

Designed by Hoang Nguyen, the device attaches to a window using outward-facing integrated solar cells to run itself. In addition to solar power, other tech features include:

  • Touch-screen controls
  • Integrated WiFi
  • USB port
  • Conventional charger for night or extra boosts on cloudy days

The Eclipse is being touted as portable, which in most cases, would probably entail moving it to the sunniest window in the house (privacy-loving teenagers may start arguing voraciously for south-facing bedrooms). Media management would come through Bluetooth technology included in the Eclipse, allowing owners to wirelessly sync up one media device with another.

As it is still a concept, there are no very specific details on the Sony Eclipse, including price, with pictures of the concept only recently leaked. The question now is whether Sony will invest the money to make the Eclipse a reality.

It does look like one of the more useful solar gadgets on the market or in development. Tie in home energy controls, and you’ve doubled its usefulness…just a suggestion.

Via Slashgear

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