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Sunroom Windows and Doors

When you’re having a sunroom added onto your home, it goes without saying that the majority of this new structure consists of doors and windows. Many sunroom companies won’t give you a large selection of windows and doors to choose from. They tend to work with only certain brands of windows, allowing the homeowner to choose only the casing materials: wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have a choice, however. By comparing sunroom installation companies, you will see that they each have something different to offer. If you know ahead of time what you want in a door and window for your sunroom, you’ll easily be able to select the most compatible company for you.

Self-Cleaning Glass Maintains the Sunroom View

One of the most daunting characteristics of glass is that it can collect and show so much dirt, which can really detract from your scenic views from the sunroom and from its attractiveness from outside. Luckily, many sunrooms now come with glass that is self-cleaning, which means you get to keep your views and maintain your sunroom’s attractiveness from the outside, all without much effort from you. When shopping for sunrooms, be sure to ask each company you encounter if their sunrooms come with self-cleaning glass.

Seamless Mechanisms for Easy Operation

While you’ll want to capture as much sunlight as you can in your sunroom during the winter months without letting your heat escape, you’ll probably also want to let some fresh air in during warmer days. Find out what mechanisms are used to allow you to open windows and skylights in your sunroom. Be sure to look them over well. You’ll want a system that is easy to operate and reach, yet subtle in design so that it doesn’t stick out like a bunch of sore thumbs across your sleek glass enclosure.

Design’s a Breeze

Also handy for letting in the cool summer breezes are screens. Ask your sunroom installer to show you how to place your window and door screens properly for the warmer months. Again, they should be easy for you to work, but in keeping with the beauty of your room design.

Shop for Energy Efficient Glass Options

In addition to ease of use and aesthetics, you also need to be aware of the global and budgetary effects of the windows and doors in your new sunroom. Find out if the glass used in your sunroom will be insulated, low-e, and/or tinted or treated in any way. What you’re really asking is how energy efficient the glass will be. You want to make sure that the glass is insulated enough to not let your HVAC heat escape, but not so insulated that you won’t receive the benefits of solar gain.

Safe, Strong, and Secure

The last thing you may want to consider is security. While most glass panels are fairly easily broken, find out the strength of the glass as well as the system holding the panels together. Make sure that the sunroom system your installer will be using is durable enough to hold up to the weather conditions in your region as well as to ill-intentioned uninvited guests.

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