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Sacramento is kind of like California’s hidden jewel. I don’t mind keeping it that way. If you ask ignorant outsiders, “Hey, what’s the capitol of California?” they might say “L.A.,”or “San Francisco.” If that misconception keeps our beautiful city free from the smog, the crowds, and the chaos, fine by me! Living in Sacramento is the best of inland California living—pioneer history, modern attractions, and a focus on the arts.

“I love where I live,” is more than just a cute phrase for Sacramentans. Whether you live on the river or in the suburbs, you know what I’m talking about. Loving our city is what we’re all about in Sac Town. This place is home. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect. It’s Sacramento.

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Master Suite Remodel - Beautiful Design Just a Stone’s Throw Away

Jim Loehr is the local go-to guy for stone and tile in Sacramento. As co-owner of both the Natural Stone Design Gallery and Sherman-Loehr Custom Tile... Read More »

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Here is what people around Sacramento have said about CalFinder Contractors:

I had a few different problems going on at my house and I called Syntrol for a plumber. That ended up being the only call I made. Mike showed up on time and it was refreshing to see that he knew what he was talking about, and didn't mind me asking questions. When I told him about my electric problems, he had their electrician come out, and that guy was great too! I ended up using the electrician, and getting a free quote on a air conditioner. Having all these things going wrong at my house was really frustrating, but when the Syntrol guys showed up, I have to say the overall experience got a LOT easier!

Drew F., West sacramento

"Very good"

G. Conyers, 95687, CA

I thought it crucial for me to secure the right contractor to install the correct solar heating for my swimming pool. Although the work has not started I am comfortable with the fact that this company has reputable and reliable and has their own crew that will install the solar system for me. In addition, this company is a qualified dealer that is accepted by the SMUD utility district in the Sacramento metropolitan area.

Patricia B, Wilton, CA